Cod liver oil for dogs

Cod liver oil for dogs

Cod liver oil for dogs

Liver oils for dogs are widely available and can be bought at pet shops, pet stores, veterinary surgeries and even in health food shops. Some can be found in the form of capsules or soft gelatine. The ingredients in liver oil for dogs vary but usually it is just vitamins, minerals and sometimes a few extracts (e.g. rosehip). All these products will contain vitamin A and vitamin D and you are usually looking for about 100mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in each 15-30ml serving.

Choosing liver oils for dogs

Be wary of anything that sounds too ‘health food’ and is very expensive. For example, you should not expect to find a ‘special formula’ of liver oil for dogs. In the absence of any published studies, we believe that the best choices are ‘Lion’ and ‘Royal Canin’. However, your vet will be able to advise you on the specific brands that they recommend.

As with all vitamin supplements, make sure you choose a high potency (e.g. with DHA concentration of around 4-6%).

How to feed liver oils to dogs

You should feed liver oils for dogs using the same methods that you would use for any other vitamins. If you feed liver oils for dogs at meal times you will have a good measure of vitamins with food that your dog will eat. If you feed liver oils to your dog once a day you should be feeding around half a gram of the supplement. If you need to give your dog a whole gram at a time, feed it as a treat and watch your dog’s reaction. If he doesn’t like liver oils then there is probably not much you can do to get him to take it.

If you have access to a vet clinic you can ask to have your dog’s liver oil tested. This will give you a direct measure of the amount of nutrients your dog is getting.

You can also buy liver oils in a powder form that you mix with wet food or with water. This should make it easy for you to give your dog this type of supplement. Make sure that you always check the amount of vitamins in the powder as some brands are cheaper but contain less vitamins than other brands.

In order to feed liver oils for dogs in this form you can mix the powder in either water or wet food. You should also check the amount of vitamins before you add them to your dog’s food so that you know the correct amount to feed your dog.

Remember that there is no harm in giving your dog liver oils, it will not give him any of the problems associated with a fat-rich diet. There is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests that dogs can have very low levels of fats in their diet but still be healthy. You should consult your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s health.


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